Birth of a Solo Practice

I really hope Leo Mulvihill goes on to have a phenomenally successful career, because the kickoff of his solo practice would make an awesome origin tale for a future lion-of-the-Philadelphia-bar Leo to relate to wide-eyed baby lawyers. As Leo puts it:

So there I was, a secretary performing law clerk work while running my part-time practice at night out of an office I got for free.

Probably not how any of us would have drawn it up when choosing to go to law school.

Leo’s whole story is well worth the read, particularly for the instructive example he’s set using hustle and networking to build his practice. He also offers his thoughts on social media and blogging, which are pretty much right on point with what I’m always telling lawyers who are thinking of starting a blog:

Don’t start some stupid sham blog where you pay some marketing company to do it for you. Either write for yourself because you want to, or because you have something interesting to say. No one cares if you simply repost news articles.