“Socially Awkward” started as an effort to organize all of the notes I’d gathered about the quirky relationship between social media and attorney speech regulation.

Why this topic? For over a decade I lived these issues day-in and day-out, serving as Chief Legal Officer at Avvo – a company that published profiles and ratings of nearly every lawyer in America. I became fascinated by the the First Amendment issues at play, and how regulation of the legal profession – combined with the professional temperament of lawyers – served to frustrate the ability of the industry to innovate and better serve the public.

In 2018 I moved on from Avvo. I’m now General Counsel at RealSelf: another company helping to empower consumers with more and better information, and dealing with professionals subject to speech regulation.

Going forward, expect “Socially Awkward” to be focused more on general issues in professional speech regulation, and the specific issues facing licensed health care professionals. But I will still occasionally weigh in on lawyer speech regulation and the fight to expand consumer access to legal services. Please send me an email – or connect via social media – if you have any questions or topic suggestions. ┬áBest,

Josh King