Hi, I’m Josh King.  From October 2007 to April 2018 I served as Chief Legal Officer at Avvo.  Prior to Avvo I spent a decade in the wireless industry, in a mix of legal and business roles.

During my Avvo days I also ran the company’s customer care and content acquisition and moderation teams. And in Avvo’s early days I did a little of everything, from finance to HR, to building desks and going on beer runs.

In the course of my decade-plus at Avvo – which is in the business of profiling and rating nearly every lawyer in America – I’ve become intimately familiar with first amendment and digital media issues.

“Socially Awkward” started as an effort to organize all of the notes I’d gathered about the quirky relationship between social media and attorney speech regulation.  As it grew, I decided to publish it online for ease of reference and as a resource for others.

Having turned the chapter on Avvo, I likely won’t post as much here as I once did. But please send me an email – or connect via social media – if you have any questions or topic suggestions.  Best,

Josh King

Social Media + The Law of Legal Marketing